FAQ : CICE voyages : we organize individual and group bus travelling tour starting from Lille(North-59)

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Q: Who can participate to the trips organized by CICE Voyages?

R: We would always welcome everyone to join us and have some wonderful memories together.

Q: How about the transportation during the trip?

R: We use France luxurious air conditioning bus as transportation in the whole trip, we also got many classic or comedy movies in the bus for you, and the toilet is also available in the bus.

Q: Is there any insurance available during the trip?

R: Yes, we have insured in the professional travel insurance company for each travel line in CICE Voyages. However, loss is not included in this insurance, so please take care of your valuable items (watch, purse, mobile phone etc) and do not leave it in the bus alone.

Q: If I travel alone, can you find some companions for me?

R: There are lots of people traveled alone, and we will introduce everyone to each other at the beginning of every trip in the bus, then you can make friends with the others and have a fun trip together.

Q: My English or French is poor, how can I communicate with others during the trip?

R: We will distribute an introduction of the city in the bus and the famous places in English or in French in order to allow that you can know about something in advance to this destination, then when we arrive in the destination, if you want, you can visit with one of our guide who can make your trip more colorful.

Q: I have my own favorite place, can you arrange that for me during the trip?

R: We will take everyone's advice very seriously and make our travel destinations more divers and attractive, we are desperate to improve our quality of service, if you have any suggestion, please contact us at cicevoyages@hotmail.fr

Q: Booking Procedure

R: First of all, you need to apply a person account on our website, and then you can book your favorite trip on line, it will be considered as final confirmation only after the payment is successful.

Q: What can I do if my favorite trip is full.

R: First of all, please apply for your favorite trip online and we will transfer you to the waiting list and contact with you at the first time when there is available seats for you.


Q: Installment plan

R: First of all, please apply for your favorite trip online, and contact with us through Email or Phone in order to arrange 50% of the trip fee as deposit. Please kindly note that this deposit is nonrefundable.

Q: What can I do if I was late during the trip?

R: During the trip, the tour guide will inform everyone about the next call together place and time, please kindly comply with it all the time. Our bus will leave for the next location on time; if you were late and miss the bus, I’m afraid you have to be responsible for yourself of the followed trip until you join us again. And CICE Voyages is not responsible for any loss and costs incurred by this also.

Q: Cancellation rules.

R: If you want to cancel your booking for the trip due to personal reasons after you already pay for the trip, please do as follows: Email us at cicevoyages@hotmail.fr,

please write the information in the Email as follows:

Date and location for the trip which you want to cancel, Name and contact details.

Q: Refund conditions

R: 15 days before start off, 50% of the whole fees will be refund.

    7 days before start off, 10% of the whole fees will be refund.

    Within 7 days before start off, there are no refund fees for you.

    If you cannot join us after booking, we suggest you find a replacer to instead of you; it is the best way to save your money, and we need the personal information for the replacer also.

    We have very strict start off time in order to insure the whole trip is safe and joyful, so please always get on the bus on time; we are not responsible for any latecomer and the fees is nonrefundable due to this reason.

Q: I have others questions. 

R: Please contact us.

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