Reward points : CICE voyages : we organize individual and group bus travelling tour starting from Lille(North-59)

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Reward points

 The CICE VOYAGES group thank you for your participation, and hope we could have a wonderful traveling experience together in Europe.

We have prepared some special gifts for you.

Joining us, you will have some particular travel credits, and you may exchange these credits for the special gifts of Voyages according to the exchange rules.

Notice :

• 1 euros= 1 point

• You can log in your own account on our website to check your travel credits.

• When booking the trips, your travel credits will be confirmed after payment.

• If you cancel a trip, the travel credits will be cancelled accordingly.

• You will get the travel credits only by you using your own account to book trips, if it's booked by your friend's account, then your friend will get the credits.

• If someone cancel his trip and you join us instead of him, in this case you cannot get the credits.

• If you want to exchange credits for gifts, please go into ' my account ' and clic ' use my reward points '.