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AMSTERDAM 13/07/2024

Departure: 06h30 – Metro station 4 cantons
Arrive: 10h00 – Amsterdam center
Return: 19h30 – Amsterdam center
Arrive: 23h15– Metro station 4 cantons


No cities are like Amsterdam, sexy, vivid, shining and stunning, and exceptional! From historical museums to red light district, fairy-tale architectures to coffee shops, bunches of tulips to excellent Dutch cheese…what can you expect more for this freewheeling glorious city!

Best of Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum

Let Van Gogh overwhelm you with his amazing works and find out how he influenced the art history .No other place in the world has so many paintings of Vincent van Gogh under one roof. The collection consists of more than 200 canvases, 500 drawings and 750 written documents. Together these provide a fantastic insight into his life and work.

Canal tour

A visit to Amsterdam isn’t complete without enjoying the canals. They are a symbol of Amsterdam and of great cultural and historical value. According to UNESCO, the canals are cultural heritage of “outstanding universal value”. The city of Amsterdam also does its utter best to maintain and protect the canals. Enough reasons for you to discover the Venice of the North: the canals of Amsterdam.

Red light district

While most major cities in the world have a ‘Red Light District’, none are quite as touristy as Amsterdam’s or its Red Light District. Amsterdam has three of these districts, however, ‘De Wallen’ in the city center is the largest and best known. This quarter of Amsterdam is one of the oldest parts of the city. The mansions along the canals and the Oude Kerk (Old Church) are worth a look at, but it’s hard not be distracted by the many sex clubs and window prostitutes.

Floating flower market

The floating flower market was first held in 1862. It has since developed into the best-known flower market of Holland. Whatever your favorite flower is, you are bound to find it here. Merchandise ranges from the traditional Dutch tulips and geraniums to indoor cypresses and plants. Along this part of the Singel canal you’ll also find a lot of souvenirs shops.

The Heineken experience

It is not a museum, it is the Heineken Experience. The former Heineken brewery is equipped with the latest multimedia to make you see, hear, smell, taste and enjoy Heineken.The Heineken Experience starts at the base: the ingredients and 150 years of brewing craftsmanship. Then you’ll get a 4D-experience what it’s like to be brewed and bottled. More interactive fun is followed by a Heineken show. Finally, you’ll end the experience with a well deserved beer.


Free time in Amsterdam

Price includes: 

- Roundtrip Transportation by coach

- Travel Insurance


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-- We have very strict start off time in order to insure the whole trip is safe and joyful, so please always get on the bus on time; we are not responsible for any latecomer and the fees is nonrefundable due to this reason.


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Depart :

13/07/2024 at 06:30

Arrival :

13/07/2024 at 23:15

Departure cities :

- Lille (station metro 4 cantons)