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Saint Malo / Rouen / Beuvron-en-Auge from 28/03/2020 to 29/03/2020

Saint Malo

Walking through the cobbled streets of St Malo’s old town feels like you’ve stepped back in time. This popular tourist destination and busy ferry port offers visitors an authentic glimpse into Brittany’s important seafaring past. There be pirates…

St Malo has several districts, the most popular being intra muros or ‘inside the walls’. The tall granite buildings, most of which were restored after being bombed during the war, house an interesting mix of cosy hotels, restaurants to suit all tastes and shops by the dozen. Take a tour on the little train to get your bearings or enjoy a bracing walk around the ramparts. The Musée de la Ville tells you all you need to know about the town’s history and includes some fascinating maritime objects like the prow of a ship.

St Malo is best known as being a breeding ground for privateers, who based themselves in the St Servan district (although to see how they lived you should head back intra muros to Hôtel d’Asfeld). It was here that St Malo was founded by the Welsh monk St Maclou, who built a church on the site of the Roman city of Alet . The main reason to come this area, apart from the views back over the citadel, is to see the 14th-century Tour Solidor, which houses the Museum of Cape Horners.



Rouen, stretching beside the Seine, is Normandy’s cultured, historic, gastronomic, vibrant capital. Monet’s canvases of the cathedral have made it the best-loved building in town, but many other glories stand out, including fine museums and the church dedicated to tragic visitor Joan of Arc.

In medieval times, lords and the prosperous merchants of the city, as well as commissioning fine homes for themselves, supported the building of great religious buildings. Lined up in a row going from east to west through the centre of town is a string of tremendous church edifices – Saint-Ouen, Saint-Maclou, the cathedral, and the contemporary church to Joan of Arc. Victor Hugo famously described Rouen as the city of ‘a hundred spires’. In addition, don’t miss the Gros Horloge (a magnificent monumental town clock), the splendid Gothic Law Courts (Palais de Justice) and look out for the Aître Saint-Maclou, with its carved skull and crossbones counts among the most startling medieval cemeteries in Europe.

Rouen’s historic quarters are packed with tempting shops and restaurants. There are also glorious weekly markets. This being a university town, there is plenty of buzzing nightlife too.



An archetypal Norman village, its half-timbered houses lovingly restored, Beuvron-en-Auge lies inland from the resort of Cabourg on the Côte Fleurie (Flowered Coast), but this place is redolent of traditional rustic Normandy, with its concentration of local producers and antiques dealers.

The Pays d’Auge area is dotted with historic dwellings. Within it, beautiful Beuvron-en-Auge is particularly packed with gems. Admire the 16th-century Vieux Manoir, the 17th- and 18th-century elaborate half-timbered houses and the 18th-century Auberge de la Boule d'Or, a classic former inn. Round and about the village and the area, seek out craft workshops and places selling local produce, which you can often taste on the spot. Such tours prove priceless.



Day 1: Free time in Saint Malo

Day 2: Free time in Beuvron - en - Auge et Rouen


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