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Versailles 02/03/2019

The Palace of Versailles : A symbol of the absolute monarchy of the Ancien Régime,invites you to experience the old French royal elegance.

Versailles’ sprawling, stunning palace is matched by the splendor of the gardens in which it is situated. A pleasurable visit can be spent simply perusing paths and admiring fountains and flowers without setting foot inside the palace or Versailles’ other notable buildings.

Highlights of the Palace of Versailles

Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors)

The galerie des glaces (Hall of Mirrors in English), is perhaps the most celebrated room in the château of Versailles. Setting for many of the ceremonies of the French Court during the Ancien Régime the galerie des glaces has also inspired numerous copies and renditions throughout the world.

Gardens of Versailles

Evolving with the château, the gardens of Versailles represent one of the finest extant examples of Garden à la française in French Garden design.

The Temple of Love is a nice sight to stop by. The temple was built in 1778 in the middle of a small island in The Parc. In the center of this circular temple is a replica Bouchardon statue. The original can be found in The Louvre Mesuem. It is an especially popular sight for couples who often enjoy sharing a kiss at the center of the temple

The Grand Trianon Castle is located in the northwestern part of the Domain of Versailles. Louis XIV requested that it be built as a retreat for the king or as a place for the king and his guests to dine without the strict etiquette of the court. Today, it houses visiting foreign dignitaries. It is renowned for its Italian architecture, pink marble, and geometrical french-style gardens. All visitors who come to see the Trianon leave in awe of the beautifully designed castle.

The Grandes Eaux Musicales is a beautiful garden composed mostly of fountains. The largest of which was built in the 17th century and is called Bassin de Neptune or Neptune's Fountains. These consist of 99 individual fountains. Also in the garden is the Bassin d'Apollon or Apollo's Fountain. For visitors looking for a gorgeous eye catching experience, they should definitely visit this lovely location.



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